New Bespoke Anodising Line for Watson’s Anodising Barnsley

18th February 2014

Watsons approached Plating Solutions in the third quarter of 2013 to look at the feasibility of replacing their 30 year old manual Anodising line with a fully motorized semi-automatic system.

The floor area was a major hurdle as semi-automatic plants tend to be larger by design and an integral sealing tank was also required as this was currently sited in a separate part of the building that was also being used by the print department for sealing inks, this area often became a cause for bottle necks.

A custom design was formulated between Plating Solutions and Watson’s to meet our requirements and construction began in September.

The construction method employed was to build the plant and Dry run it prior to shipping to site in one piece there by cutting down assembly time on site.

The new anodising plant will be more efficient and increase capacity, the plant itself incorporates the following features:-

  • Stainless Steel work bars and Seal Tank
  • Lead lined Anodising Tank
  • 30kw Stainless Steel Heaters controlled by Solid State Relay (no contactors) in Seal Tank
  • 400kg lifting capacity
  • Inverter controlled travel speeds
  • Pressure pumped water system with vacuum break
  • Air agitation system fully adjustable
  • All metal and lined tanks
  • Heavy duty cradle frame construction

Watson’s took delivery of the new anodising plant early February 2014 and are now fully operational once again.

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