Sulphuric anodising is now almost universally accepted as the preferred treatment for general, decorative and protective use of Aluminium. The natural film is clear but can also be dyed to produce a range of attractive colours before sealing. By varying the film thickness it is suitable for interior and outdoor applications. This resistance will increase with film thickness, the film thickness ranges from 5 to 25 microns but generally we find between 12 to 18 microns suits most applications.

Before anodising the aluminium part is subjected to a caustic chemical etch pre-treatment which gives a matt even finish to your component.

In order to obtain a fully protected surface the oxide layer must always be sealed, this is done to enhance corrosion resistance, lock in dyes, or both. This process is done by immersing the aluminium part into a hot water bath containing a chemical sealant.

Sulphuric acid anodising produces a coating which is extremely hard, durable and corrosion resistant and has a long lasting finish, some of the benefits are:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • No risk of fading
  • Preservation of the original surface texture and design
  • Anodic film is totally impermeable
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Parts can be easily reworked

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